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Pussy Power Is An illusion


Dan Dennett: Dangerous memes

Sex and the Soul

The persons relationship to sex is decided by the relationship they have with themselves. The relationship they have with themselves was created in them by the relationship others have with themselves. Change what was created by others and you change the persons relationship to self. Change the relationship to self and you change the relationship to sex.

The Flow of Feminine Water

The feminine is without form but has substance like water flowing, always changing shape but staying the same.

It has force without will so it lives without intent, in the moment as a child before fear is learned.

It attracts because it is life sustaining and those not made of it wish to drink its waters.

The Female Lives in the Shadows

It is best to hide our accomplishments from the eyes of men so they

may feel they own the world. There was a time that this was instinctive

for a woman but we have lost touch with the truths that protect us by

adopting the masculine mindset which is contrary to our natures.

I will never directly compete with a man as measured by worldly accomplishments, this is fools gold.